A PACS (civil solidarity pact) is a contract between two adults of the same or different sex to organize their life together. It creates rights and obligations for the partners, specifically “mutual and material assistance.”

However, it does not give the right to residency in France.

General Conditions

At least one of the partners must be French.

The two partners:
- must live together in the consular jurisdiction where they apply,
- may not be related directly, or through marriage directly or be collateral kin up to and including third cousins,
- may not be married,
- may not be already bound by a PACS.

Documents to be submitted to apply for a PACS
(All documents must be originals)

For the French partner
- Long form copy of French birth certificate issued within 3 months (this document is sufficient to prove French nationality providing you were born in France to at least one parent also born in France)
- In the case of any previous marriage(s) - family book, or copy of marriage certificate(s) and divorce judgment(s)
- Document proving French nationality - valid French national identity card, naturalization decree or restoration of French nationality, declaration of acquisition of French nationality, or certificate of French nationality.

For the foreign partner
- Birth Certificate
- Certificate of foreign law stating that:
> he/she is an adult under the law of his/her country,
> he/she is not already married,
> he/she is not under a system of protection (guardianship or supervision)
- Certificate of non-PACS issued within 3 months to be obtained from the ‘Tribunal de Grande Instance’ of Paris.

By the two partners
- Attestation or documents proving there is no kinship or marriage (art.515-2 du Code civil)
- Declaration on your honor that you both reside together, signed by both partners
- A PACS agreement (one original) detailing the material effects of their life together.

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