Fees vary depending on the Chancellery Exchange Rate. The fee applied is the one in vigor on the date of the issuance of the document.

Chancellery Exchange Rate

1 USD (Dollars US) = 0,72€ as of March 16th, 2014

DocumentsRegistered Non Registered
Laissez-Passer $32 $64
Change of residence certificate $0 $19
VAT (tax refund) $25 $25
Legalize a Signature $13 $25
Transport of Body/Ashes $38 $634
Certified copies $10/page $19/page
Passport, adult $119 N/A
Passport, minor 15 years and over $58 N/A
Passport, minor de -15years $24 N/A
Emergency Passport $42 N/A
French National ID Card (following loss or theft) $35 N/A

Dernière modification : 16/04/2014

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