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Under decree n° 2003-1377 of December 31, 2003, the former immatriculation consulaire is replaced by l’inscription des Français établis hors de France (a register of French nationals living abroad).

The purpose of the register, for the Consulate General, is to allow the Consulate to be able to identify and locate the French community in its consular jurisdiction, and to facilitate the exercise of consular protection. For French nationals, it is intended to facilitate administrative formalities, enable them to receive information from the Consulate and have access to certain procedures or benefits.

Registration is simple, easy and open to all French nationals residing in the San Francisco jurisdiction.

  • Simple: with your French passport or French national ID card and proof of residence.
  • - Easy: by mail only : Service de l’inscription consulaire Consulat général de France à San Francisco 88 Kearny Street #600 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94108
  • In the event of a change of address to another consular jurisdiction, the registration will be automatically transferred on receipt of a written request (by mail or fax).
  • Open: in the absence of a proof of status from the local authorities, proof of local address.

Registration for French nationals living abroad remains individual, free of charge and valid for five years. A print-out of the information will be given to the person registered, together with a card if desired.

Individuals already registered (immatriculés) will automatically be registered on the new system.

1. Documents to be presented

French passport, no more than 2 years beyond its expiration date, or French national ID card or other proof of French nationality (certificate of French nationality, declaration of acquisition of French nationality, naturalization certificate, long-form copy of birth certificate for persons born in France, of whom one parent was also born in France).

Recent proof of address or status:
american driving license or non driver ID card, telephone or utility bill, tax returns, bank statement or any proof indicating either the person’s name or address.

For married/divorced persons:
livret de famille (family book), marriage certificate or French birth certificate mentioning marriage/divorce.

For minor children:
The livret de famille (family book) in which the child(ren) must be registered, proof of valid legal status and an official Identity documents (passport, national ID card…)

National Service
(For men born after October 1, 1980 and women born after January 1, 1983): An attestation they are registered for the Journée d’Appel de Préparation à la Défense (APD) or a certificate of participation in it.
NOTE: The certificate of participation in the APD is required for taking certain examinations (baccalauréat), competitive entrance examinations and for employment.

One, recent (taken within 6 months), passport-sized photo, full faced with no head covering, with white or gray background, 1 inch 1/4 x 1 inch 3/4 format (35mm x 45mm).
NOTE : Do not forget to include the photo for an application sent by mail or to send the photo seperatly by mail for an application sent via e-mail.

2. To register by mail

Send to the Consulat Général de France, 88 Kearny St, #600, San Francisco CA 94108:
- Registration form (see below)
- copies of documents to be presented (above)
- 1 photo
- self-addressed stamped envelope for your registration card and information print-out.

3. Renewing by mail

Send to the Consulat Général de France, 88 Kearny St, #600, San Francisco CA 94108:
- Proof of address or residency
- 1 photo
- self-addressed stamped envelope for your registration card and information print-out.

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Formulaire d’inscription

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