Foreign judgments relating to the status of persons are valid in France independently of any authority awarded abroad. This enforcement is not final. French courts may possibly be called upon to verify the correctness of the foreign judgment and its compliance with private international law. This is why the enforceability/opposability of a judgment must be verified by a French court. So if you were divorced after a final judgment that was rendered by a competent state court within this Consulate’s jurisdiction, it is strongly recommended that you update your French civil status certificates with the notation/transcription of your divorce

However this request remains the sole responsibility of the French Applicant(s). The file established on the applicant’s initiative will be sent directly to the relevant Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI). The relevant “tribunal” (Court) is determined by the place of marriage.

So for a marriage celebrated in France the jurisdiction of the “TGI” is the place of where it was celebrated.

For a marriage celebrated abroad and transcribed in the Consular registers the competent “TGI” (court) is the TGI de Nantes (Nantes Quai François Mitterand 44000).

Following the decision, the Prosecutor of the competent “TGI (court), will order the affixing of a statement of dissolution of marriage in the margin of the corresponding French vital statistics documents and the family booklet (Livret de famille) will be updated.

Composition of the File

1. A copy of the Final Judgment and final divorce (the title varies according to the state, some examples: "Certificate of divorce absolute," "Final judgment and Decree,"Judgment of Divorce" etc...)The original document must contain : the identification of the Court that ruled on the divorce and with judgement date and registration number of the final and irrevocable divorce, the official seal of the court that granted the divorce, the identity and signature of the judge.

2. The French translation of this Final Judgment and divorce done ​​by a professional translator (for your information, a list of translators is available on our website).

3. A full copy of your marriage certificate. To be obtained from the city hall which celebrated your marriage if it took place in France. If it was held abroad by completing the online form at: https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/Dali/index2.html

4. A complete copy of your birth certificate updated with any marginal mentions (very recent). It can be obtained at the city hall of your place of birth if you are born in France, if you are a French citizen born abroad, by completing the form online at: https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/Dali/index2.html

5. Photocopy of your national identity card or, if valid, your French passport.

6. Photocopy of your ex-spouse’s passport (if this is not possible, mention the reason for failure to obtain it in the letter to the “Procureur de la République” (public prosecutor) of the competent TGI, (an example is here attached)

7. A letter on plain paper addressed to the “Procureur de la République” (Public Prosecutor) of the competent TGI (Court) (an example is included at the end of page)

8. Proof of residence at the TIME OF DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS or, alternatively, a declaration on your honor certifying your address at TIME OF DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS.

These document must be sent to:

  • if the marriage was performed outside of France:

    Monsieur Le Procureur de la République

    Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes,

    Quai François Mitterrand

    44921 NANTES Cedex 9


  • if the marriage was performed in France:

    Monsieur Le Procureur de la République

    près du Tribunal de Grande Instance de … (the jurisdiction where the marriage was performed)

Model of letter of request


Monsieur le Procureur de la République,

J’ai l’honneur de solliciter la vérification de l’opposabilité en France de mon jugement de divorce étranger, rendu le (date) par le Tribunal de (ville, état), afin d’apposer les mentions nécessaires en marge de mes actes de naissance et de mariage.

Ci-joint les documents nécessaires.

Veuillez agréer, Monsieur le Procureur de la République, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

Dernière modification : 08/04/2013

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